Massage is accessible to everyone, that is what it makes so enriching and surprising. I can offer massage almost everywhere, my hands are always with me 😉 and therefore I have already had beautiful experiences.


The most important thing is that we express clearly and powerfully the intention of how we want to create an afternoon, evening or day. If you have an idea or a wish and you don’t know how to start, let’s meet and exchange both our ideas, it might be the missing element to make it happen.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel a YES in your heart to create something beautiful with massage. Creating together is so blissful and so natural, because we have everything in us.

Kids Birthday Party

At the request of a special 9-year-young girl, I had the honour of being invited to her birthday party to introduce ‘massage’. With 9 friends and her mum we create a pleasant 2 hours massage wellness. The first thing on our agenda was to make our own scrub with natural products. This was an ideal opportunity to discover some essential oils in a completely safe way. Everyone could fill their own jar with scrub and take a seat in the circle. Each had a footbath and we started to feel, our own feet in the water, then we rubbed our feet with the scrub and each massaged and explored his own feet. After thoroughly rinsing off the scrub, feet are dried and everyone choose a foot cream from a few different scents. Those feet are nice and soft and we are enriched internally with the power of essential oils. Yay!

Women's Evening

A moment of cosy togetherness and pampering ourselves is a starting point to which massage totally belongs. Actually, you can indicate what is important and attractive to you and we will put together an appropriate programme.


A few years ago I attended the opening of a fantastic winter chalet and together with other ladies we were invited to present our speciality or our profession. Because of a nice turnout of 40 to 50 ladies, I offered a hand massage. This evening I massaged the hands of some 22 ladies. In a cosy corner I created my ‘wellness salon’. I started by cleansing the hands with a warm, moist towel and then each lady could choose an oil according to her own taste from my range of 4 selected oils for this evening. Even in this crowd of enthusiastic ladies, I was able to bring softness and warmth through the hand massage to these ladies in a relaxing moment of 10 minutes.


Or are you looking forward to a relaxing evening where I guide you and your girlfriends in a simple, relaxing facial massage with a mini-care? We make a circle with yoga mats, cosy blankets, soft pillows, natural face lotion, a nourishing oil and above all exchange loving touches with our friend.


Massage or women’s circle at your retreat?
I would love to be there!

Everything is possible,

dreaming is recommended

and living them is the best.