Bodywork is an honest way to unfold, (re)discover yourself, feel and look at yourself in the mirror in a different way

Massage opened my eyes and I learned to feel again.  I was introduced to a world of subtlety, refinement and also confrontation, and I continue this wonderful journey.


Massage brings harmony to body and mind.  Massage activates your self-healing capacity, it stimulates the blood circulation, the cell metabolism improves and the loosening of the muscles has a detoxification effect. It is an ancient practise and at the same time so alive and essential as a part of self-care nowadays.


It is an honour for me to massage you and who knows, your body may surprise you in a delicate way.


When you book a massage with me, I take some time to listen to how you are doing.  After the massage, you can quietly come back to yourself and drink a glass of water or herbal tea. To keep the benefits of the massage and the relaxing feeling, a conversation afterwards is not intended. It is the invitation to stay ‘in your body with yourself and your feelings’.  The wisdom is in you and the connection with yourself is precious.

Touch of Shiatsu

Japanese traditional massage

Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ and this massage consists of applying pressure to specific points on the meridians or energy lines throughout the body.  This pressure point massage works deep into the cellular tissues, restores the disturbances in the energy pathways and also activates the self-healing capacity of the body.

It is a massage in which emotions can be released, tears can flow, laughing fits occur, your body makes unfamiliar movements, and all this is completely welcome.
Afterwards you feel lighter, more balanced and that feels great.

The massage takes place on a futon (cotton mat) on the floor, on top of the clothes. It is recommended to wear natural clothing, this feels much more comfortable for you.

The effect of this massage is different for each of us and it is truly a pleasant encounter with yourself.

Welcome, massage & closing - 2 hours - 90€

Oil Massage

Massage with warm oil

The oil massage is a relaxing body massage on the table where I massage the body with warm oil. I like to use a base oil enriched with essential oils.  The essential oils contribute to refining the massage experience. Essential oils are precious treasures, each containing a unique property and thus enriching the base oil. The body massage is a play of different techniques and gives you varied sensations. It is tailored to what your body requires at the moment, so that you can feel relaxation and be connected with yourself.


I offer the following massages:


  • a full body massage on the massage table


  • a massage of feet, hands and head, where you sit on a comfortable sofa with your clothes on.  In this massage a lot of attention is paid to the feet, starting with a foot bath in combination with a head massage, followed by a hand massage and ending with a massage of the feet and lower legs.

Welcome, massage & closing - 2 hours - 100€

Metamorphosis Massage

Gentle & energetic massage

Metamorphosis massage is a gentle, energetic massage. With this relaxing massage you trust completely in the power of the life energy, which is working for you wherever it is needed. It is different for each person, it is a matter of experiencing and perceiving this. The choice of the word ‘metamorphosis’ indicates that this treatment helps you give shape to who you are ‘essentially’. It is a method that leads to awareness and a tool on the road to inner growth.

A treatment consists of lightly touching the reflex zone of the spinal column, more specifically on the feet, hands and head. The reflex zone corresponds to the time before birth, the prenatal period. It is a method to work on consciousness, the processing of (old) emotions after traumas or serious illness, psychological complaints, hormonal complaints or just for a wonderful relaxation.

Applying this treatment to people in a terminal stage is also very liberating, it can create clarity in still existing issues, create inner peace and reduce fear of passing.

Welcome, massage & closing = 2 hours - 90€

Hot stone massage

Profoundly warming massage

Indulge in the embrace of a warm oil massage, a true nourishment for both body and mind. Elevating this experience further is the exquisite addition of hot stone massage, where the soothing warmth of basalt stones envelops you in a secure cocoon, allowing you to absorb heat at a profound level and bask in complete well-being.
Picture it as a dance – a harmonious exchange between the warmth of the basalt stones and the expertise of my golden hands. As I massage with care, certain areas of your body enjoy the comforting heat of these stones. The magic lies in the synergy between the warm stones cradled in my hands, the gentle warmth of adequately placed stones on your body, and the touch of my hands without stones. It’s a unique journey into deep relaxation.

The enchantment doesn’t end there; it continues as you feel the residual warmth resonating within your body long after the massage concludes.

Every stone is treated with reverence, receiving meticulous cleansing, allowing the dance to unfold gently.

Welcome, massage & closing - 2 hours - 125€