Unique gathering with women in authenticity!

Where we can and may show our true ‘being’ in safety. It is a blessing to be able to initiate a women’s circle

The power of the circle is the uniting and reuniting of women who want to show themselves as they truly are.  It is a gathering for women between 18 and 110 years, who want to create a safe place for everything that concerns our womanhood: joy, sorrow, the moon cycle, fear, doubt, mother-daughter relation, your life’s journey, inner child, wounds to heal, …

The women’s circle is a special monthly moment, where we come together, to share a deepening evening.

1. Activity

This evening consists of a welcome, opening of the circle, a meditation to connect to our inner being, a sharing moment and closing of the circle.

2. Together at Schaerbeek

You are very welcome at my home in Schaerbeek.
The number of women is limited to 13, so please confirm your presence by mail.
Upon registration, you will receive the exact address.

Contribution: 22€ - 44€ according to your values

3. Duration and dates

Welcome from 18h45, start at 19h00, end at 22h.

By request for small groups, we establish together a date.

Final registration date: 1 day before the appointment

Discover the goddess in you : an exclusive traject of 8 evenings

Will you join us in the search for the Goddess in you?  During 8 evenings we discover a different goddess and through meditation we explore what this goddess means to you and within you. The evening is a composition of movement, meditation and/or body work and a sharing moment in the women circle.

The power of the group is a very ideal opportunity to know yourself a bit better each time and to unwind a layer. Just because you choose to make this commitment for yourself, you step into a promising path.  Once our traject has started, the road of divine sisterhood is open and we will walk this path together hand in hand. 


welcome from 19h30,

start at 20h, end at 22h,


dates are planned on demand


Investment and personal commitment:

for the full program at a favourable rate of


payment in advance

on BE75 1431 0110 7851


To be defined.


Upon registration,

you will receive the exact address.